I am a fine art photographer specialising in  landscape, coastal and nature images around the state of New South Wales (NSW), and also across Australia and the world. My local area is focused within the Macarthur region and Southern Highlands incorporating the Wollondilly Shire, and expands to the Blue Mountains and the Illawarra on the NSW South Coast. After working for many years in film photography in some of the remotest parts of the world, I have been able to better develop my artistic vision. Today, having embraced digital photography and the full control over procesing, my images are a fine-art representation of the world I see through my lenses. I hope to have the pleasure to share this majesty with you. All images on my site are available as framed prints, canvases and other items. They can be purchased through the site, or by emailing me through the contact link above.

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What I am about:

I want to capture an image that evokes character, and creates an emotive atmosphere and mystery. My purpose is to replicate the beauty I both see and feel when I capture an image. Often I am so moved, I am transformed to a beautiful place of enlightenment, where nothing but the beauty before me exists, simple, aesthetically peaceful.... I want to put my audience there with me to share in the beautiful memories I create. I hope my images do the subject justice.

My Photographic Journey:

I have been a landscape and nature photographer since the early 1990's working on film. My main area of interest involved travel photography, focusing on the more remote areas of Australia and the world. My photographic journey took a turn in 2002 with a photographic tour through the Nepalese Himalayas and Northern India. As a result, many of my images were displayed on websites and in magazines, as well as print sales. This was followed up with a photographic, wilderness tour of the ruggedly beautiful Western Tasmania Wild Rivers region and the Blue Mountains area of New South Wales. Then in 2005 I toured through the west coast of the United States, and then the Yucutan Peninsula in Mexico where I spent some time photographing the spectacular ruins of Chichen Itza.Today, having embraced digital technology the ability to have greater control over the final edited results have allowed me to explore my artistic vision with landscapes and develop fine-art images that more accurately portrays the natural majesty of these often remote and distant landscapes. My work has been displayed in international publications and won international public choice awards.

My Office

  • Tony Heyward at Dante's Glen, Blue Mountains New South Wales.
  • Tony Heyward shooting seascapes in Wollongong, New South Wales.

Photos courtesy Edward Cobb

What can I offer?

What does your marketing say about your property? Does your website and print material display the true emotions behind the world of possible experiences or does your public face read like a text-book?

I know how much emotion and attachment a person can have to their land and it is an injustice when it is improperly represented like just another motel or whistle-stop produce store! My role is to share and understand your passion for your land. I then use my own vision to share the feelings as visual poetry, and make your property stand-out from the dry prose presented by the crowd around you.

Contact me and ask me what a difference I can make to your marketing, and how you can turn your website, banners, pamphlets and marketing material into postcards people will want to look at over and again in anticipation of the experiences hinted at in the photographs they contain.

  • Starscape - road to the milky way
  • Untitled photo
  • Untitled photo
  • Untitled photo

Searching for the remote and unique

My goal is to seek those places, perspectives and ideas that no body else has seen. Whether that involves hiking into places generally inaccessible, or simply looking for that angle, light or direction that most people miss, I aim for all my images to be truly unique. Come with me and see a world never seen by another's eyes.

Tony Heyward standing on the edge of a cliff, photogaphing the Grose Valey, Blue Mountains, New South Wales.
Tony Heyward caught in a flash-flood in the Blue Mountains, New South Wales.

Photo courtesy Edward Cobb

Photo courtesy Luis Del Rosario

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