Pentax Cameras and Lenses

I began on film with my favourite camera ever, Pentax K1000. When some low-life broke into my house and stole this I was lost for a few years until I got a bargain PZ-10 - another film camera. My first DSLR came in 2003 with the Pentax *ist DS with a whopping 6MP!. Over the years this was followed up with K30, K5 and K3 which I still own today. My love affair with Pentax hinges around some of the most beautiful lenses ever created. However.....

Sony Mirrorless Cameras and Lenses

I waited, waited and waited, however Pentax (now Ricoh) dragged the chain on a "full-frame" (35mm sensor) camera. When I found the APS-C sensor A6000, saw what it could do and held that tiny little baby in my delicate girly hands, I just had to have one. Which of course further fueled my full-frame desire leading me, perhaps unnecessarily towards the A7ii. These Sony Mirrorless cameras are quickly becoming my favourites, due mostly to superb image quality, in a small and inexpensive, yet feature packed body.

Sigma Lenses

Currently using with my Pentax

* 17-70mm f/2.8-4 Contemporary

* 10-20mm f/3.5

Pluto Radio Triggers

A very cool smart trigger device with multiple options including lightning, sound, vibration, movement, light and a host of other features.

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