Remember Your Roots (Pun Intended)

Growing Old Under a Blanket of Moss - Leura Forest, Blue Mountains NSW.

When times become stressful, and the world seems to be pressing down on you - let the trees help you recenter yourself. The earth under your bare feet and the trees filling your senses remind us where we truly belong, and what it is that is really important in life.

I'm writing this not as some worldly wisdom to impart to the readers, more as a reminder to myself. It is all too easy to become enmeshed in the demands of others who are the "True Believers". That is, those who have forgotten the simple fact  our civilisation is a human construct. A series of layers that are as unreal as any movie or game but all too often become our defining motivation, our reason for existence.

 I am not one of those who've dropped out altogether, homesteading off the grid in complete denial of the trappings of civilisation, but I do need to remember what is truth, what is meaning and where I really want to be in life. There are no reports, no databases, no meetings, no spreadsheets and certainly no titles that can ever surpass the deeper meanings that are my relationships with my family and my world

Ancient Peppermint Gum - Minnamurra Forest NSW
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